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Services – Dog day care Happy Dog


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It’s our bobtail Martička again, like the queen’s queen … we’ll have to give her back to the dog nurseries to eat, cut, cut. She also cleans her ears there, she keeps her claws. We were very satisfied last time, so we’re back again.

Mostly we leave Mart to cut when he stays at the hotel. Then we get it back to another dog … washed, trimmed, stuffed … just Happy Dog. ????

If you can not bring a dog to the nursery, they will come to pick it up and return it back to you.

Just write an email or call and it is not a problem to talk. ???? Mima


We need to bring our dog to the vet, to the show, to the training, to the cutting, to the chat … we do not have a car.

In this case, we always turn to Happy Dog transport and they will always meet us. In addition, they will bring you free grains or other pet supplies. They will also bring you dog abroad. They even provide you with a dog and an airplane accompaniment.

Virtually nothing is possible for Happy Dog Dogs and the girls (boys) from our kindergarten are willing.

So do not be afraid to ask and you will see that you agree. 🙂

Orders no later than 24 hours in advance. Taxi Express (less than 12 hours in advance): surcharge 100%


Basic obedience

Do you have a rarage at home, which, even though you feel like you are constantly raising it, is still rampant and unmanageable? Instead of coming in when you call him, will he change the direction and fall behind the female over the path? Are you skeptical when you turn around and you do not even have to change clothes? Jumping into the bed and on the couch. She’s raking at the table? 🙂

 Hmmm … so it’s time to think, my dear owner, if your pet does not give orders so that your cohabitation will start to be enjoyable for all members of the pack in which your dog will definitely not be a leader but a great partner who is very happy to take the position ” listeners and performers “because she knows that it will be rewarded with love and careful care from her closest. 🙂

As a first contact with training, we recommend that you attend at least one individual lesson, where you will be able to talk about the correct exercise with the dog so that you can concentrate well and try everything quiet. It is primarily a lesson designed for the owner to handle all the other exercises in the group.

Individual lessons are arranged on or not in the morning (in the morning)

Stay with intensive training

Do you want to combine your dog’s training with socialization in the presence of other dogs and at the same time make use of the dog stay with us to plan your own holiday? In a pleasant environment? Without a separate stay in the pen?

Or, on the contrary, take advantage of intense training with the use of an outdoor couch and a stay in the garden? Not a problem.

Then there is nothing easier than ordering at info@psi-skolka.cz or fill in a web form.

Your dog should master basic obedience after the training session: to me, to the leg, to sit down, to lie down, to walk, to stay (overlapping), to overcome the basic obstacles of the type Áčko, the beam, the skips.

The presence of other dogs in the nursery will teach him the natural discipline and hierarchy. Training will lead him to obedience, which we then test together and pass on information important to your future proper functioning.