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Dog day care Happy Dog – The world is just cheerful … with friends.
Day Care
It was opened in the year 2008 in order to satisfy not only the owners needs but above all the dogs themselves. And we have been succesfull until these days.
The first dog hotel of its kind in Prague is part of the kindergarten and we will be glad to welcome any kind of dog, whether for a week, month or half a year...
Training, beauty salon and / or carriage? We also offer other services that we have discovered over time that your pets are enjoying.

Dog Nursery? It was missing here!

Dog day care and hotel Happy Dog

…fun, friends, entertainment, beds, toys, candies, playground, anties…that´s still gorgeous.

Exactly like this I dreamed about the dog paradlse and my mistress did find it already on Earth…directly at Prague 9.

When I wake up in the morning I can´t let my mom finishing her breakfast as I cant wait to go…I know very well we go to Psí školka Happy Dog where are awaiting a lot of old and new doggies they are ready acting foolishly as I do.

Some meters far from Happy Dog it is the worst. I can´t resist…and I run as a wind with my momy behind my back.

She thinks I would forgot her among friends but me alone…I know the best how happy I am when she appears in the door after whole day.

I love her more then anything else and I know she is happy if  she sees me satisfied instead of being home alone all day long and my only entertainment was tearing up a carpet, howling or taking a leak on walls…

Friends told me they were here also during a night and it is almost as at home here. Some of them were here during summer or winter holiday or only for a weekend…I will try it too. I look forward to it.

It is not that I boast but… what YOUR DAY looks like…?

Your Bobik

Our services for you and your loved ones

Day care classic

Classical dog nursery for any non-conflicting dog. From morning till night.


Basic and intensive training for both basic and advanced skills.

Day care mini

Special department of dog nursery for small breeds. Even big dogs do not have to worry.


Even a boy can be nice. Bred, cut, trimmed and even with modified claws…

Dog Hotel

The first of its kind in Prague. When the dog must stay overnight…


Is it necessary to bring a dog somewhere? This is not a problem with our transport.

Do you want to know more?

We will be happy to answer your questions. Whether dial-up or written.

Photos as a tasting. You can find more on our Facebook or just during your visit!